Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo I Tre Casali

farm log


“Tre Casali” farm is surrounded by an olive-grow consisting of about 90 trees, mostly “Leccino”, “Frantoio” and “Canino” producing a first rate extra virgin oil, and by different fruit trees: cherries, peaches, pears, apples, pomegranates, figs and chestnuts. In the middle of the trees there is a large market garden where we grow vegetables, small fruits, pot-herbs and flowers. The different seasonal vegetables and fruits – that we also transform into preserve and jam – will be put into retail sale, also through the special “Products” department of this website. Moreover, we are now engaged in the “recovery” of a small vineyard and we dream to produce our own wine.


Soon will be active conventions with other company.

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